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Transforming the Retail Dining Environment

The demanding pace of today’s hospitals makes the on-site dining experience more important and valuable than ever. Our mission is to transform the dining experience into one that not only provides an opportunity to refuel the body, but also provides a brief escape from the high-stress environment— while enjoying a great meal with family, friends, and co-workers.

Our goal is to provide a great guest experience through retail excellence. Morrison Healthcare uses proven retail strategies to boost caregiver satisfaction, which include inviting and relaxing environments, outstanding menus, on-trend station graphics and décor, and year-round marketing support. Our programs are flexible, and we will collaborate with you to ensure we share your vision.

The Retail Collection

Our retail collection is a diverse portfolio of branded experiences designed to meet our guests exactly where they are. We have developed a portfolio of over 30 brands to offer guests variety and drive excitement. These brands include our signature concepts as well as pop-up brands that can easily take over a station for a day or a week. Using data and analytics we developed brands with a variety of flavor profiles from comfort food to our Power Brands that are veg forward.

Signature Concepts

Stations that offer your guests warm and welcoming meals from a fixed menu in three different, comfortable café concepts.

Rotating Brands

These brands replace core stations for the day as a one-time branded pop-up or as a weekly feature to offer guests familiar, comforting options.


Branded station takeover that features unique chef-driven dishes that surprise and delight guests.

Entrée Re-imagined

A new entrée station program featuring a flexible menu, daily rotation, recommended pricing, and simplified marketing.


We can help you give your café new life. Our initiatives help reduce costs, increase efficiencies, incorporate technology, and offer effective marketing support. We have a team dedicated to creating new environments that offer diners a positive experience while generating more traffic and increasing sales.

Our Approach

Use of Analytics

We use social listening and mobile technology to create personal experiences. Morrison is committed to identifying, developing, and deploying innovative solutions that will help transform the end-to-end experience of your staff and guests. We have a customizable roadmap for you that will:

    • Enrich the guest experience for visitors and staff
    • Deliver innovative solutions and programs that support healthy behaviors
    • Increase speed of service and convenience

Consistent Marketing Support

We offer multiple resources to support a welcoming and highly personalized atmosphere in your café. Morrison helps you build a program that makes sense for your market, and provides all the marketing materials you need to promote the great food and events in your café.

Morrison Healthcare is taking all the necessary steps to address the impact of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 on our healthcare partners. We are committed to ensuring a safe foodservice environment for our patients, caregivers, and associates. To that end, we are following the guidance provided by the CDC, WHO, and other health authorities. Please visit our Covid-19 Resource Center to learn how we’re responding to the pandemic and download resources that can help you guide your response.

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