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Patient Solutions and Nurse Engagement

The Patients We Serve

At Morrison, we believe we play an important role in your mission to provide the highest quality and safest care to your patients. It’s a difficult time for them. We are committed to doing anything we can to make their stay better and give them a sense of empowerment.

Morrison’s Patient Experience team is the only one of its kind in the USA. We created a separate national team of Patient Experience managers, driven by our VP of Patient Experience. The Patient Experience team coaches and trains Operations to maximize HCAHPS scores for our clients. Morrison Patient Experience professionals are patient satisfaction specialists – improving the patient experience is all they do.

Positive Impressions

Positive Impressions creates experiences that personalize healthcare. It is both a way of doing business and a unique training program that ensures the very best impressions are made with every patient, every day. Through a partnership with Press Ganey – the industry leader in patient experience analytics—Positive Impressions can help drive up your HCAHPS scores. Our team of 200+ managers focus on improving the healthcare experience at each of our client facilities, like yours. Positive Impressions training begins with hiring people with a passion for food, a heart for hospitality, and the spirit to serve. We are extremely selective, only hiring 9.5% of the people who apply. We then invest time and resources in their development and recognize them for their accomplishments.

“Positive Impressions is an exciting approach developed by Morrison Healthcare that will enable you to maximize the impact that you and your food and nutrition team members have on patient satisfaction.”

Patient Safety

We understand safety is a top priority for your organization. Our safety program is designed to provide the safest environment for associates, patients and guests.

We also offer consulting for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Services readiness. We assist hospitals that are at risk for insufficient safety protocols and CMS compliance. As a result of this experience, we have a consulting model that we use externally for hospitals that are in need, and also internally to ensure hospitals we serve are prepared.

Patient Dining Programs

Our patient dining programs fit the unique needs of your patients, culture and nursing staff to help drive your patient satisfaction scores. At a time when patients lack a sense of control, with our program, they are able to regain some of that by making their own meal selections. It’s a difference they remember and appreciate—that’s proven by increased patient satisfaction scores.

Room Service

With just a phone call, patients get the freshly prepared food they want when they want it. Having this room service option gives patients more control over their dining experience.

Bedside Service

Like a full-service restaurant, dining associates visit patients, take their menu orders and deliver their meals. With the help of our MyDining software, dining associates know which foods are appropriate for each patient based on their diet requirements and food allergies.

Signature Plate

Signature Plate is a patient dining program that offers a simplified menu designed to enhance patient satisfaction and streamline processes to ensure on-time, accurate and correct-temperature meal delivery.


About MyDining

MyDining is Morrison Healthcare’s personalized meal-ordering system that provides patients greater control over in-room dining. This web-based solution also makes it easy to log, track and report on meal orders.

With MyDining, patients place their orders by bedside phone to a call center, or dining associates visit their rooms to take orders. Or, hospital and healthcare systems can opt for a blended model, which combines the best of both worlds. Regardless of the service delivery model, MyDining enables patients to get the fresh, deliciously prepared food they deserve.

MyDining is a hosted solution which means that our hardware and data are stored in a centralized location in Compass Group’s Data Center, improving data security and supportability.


Patient Safety
This system integrates with Webtrition, our proprietary nutrition analysis and menu management solution, to ensure the right nutrition, allergen and menu information for all patients.

Patient Satisfaction
Patients enjoy a seamless ordering experience and interaction with the patient dining associate.

Interfaces with multiple Electronic Health Records using HL7 standards.

Strong support team and resources including 24/7 help desk, how-to videos, and support emails.

Employee Satisfaction
MyDining is user friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.

Nurse Engagement

Power Plate

Power Plate is a practice we use to help nurses and other hospital staff get a better understanding of the patient dining experience. During a Power Plate exercise, a hospital staff member orders a meal from the patient menu. We deliver the tray, they taste the food and provide their unbiased feedback about the entire experience, including the taste, presentation, and order accuracy.

Getting first-hand knowledge of the patient meal-ordering process is helpful for hospital staff, especially nurses who can educate their patients when asked. And through a Power Plate exercise, anyone who participates can tell us if they see any room for improvement. Bonus? It’s an incredible free meal for the Power Plate participant.


Nourish is a mobile ordering app specifically created for Morrison Healthcare. It allows employees and visitors to order and pay in advance, plus pick up their food and snacks on their schedule.

Having a pre-pay pre-order option allows people to get in and out of dining areas quickly. In addition, your throughput and guest satisfaction should rise. Data shows that when using mobile, there is an 11% increase in sales, an 8% increase in transactions, and a 2% increase in average check.

Unlike many other external apps in the market, there is no additional charge to the customer to place a mobile order.

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