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Analytics & Innovation

Analytics and Business Insight

Everyone has data; we know how to use it. Morrison’s internal analytics group, E15, defines target consumers, segments guests into distinct profiles, and studies their food and beverage preferences. This data is used to design creative and diverse menus that meet the needs of your patients, staff, and community. Our expertise, applied to the massive volume of data generated by a healthcare system, can transform abstract information into valuable business intelligence and predictive analytics.

We research and get to know your community’s trends, tastes and preferences, and then put that learning into practice by designing our menu around their wants and needs. That’s clarity with a competitive edge. Our analytics and business insights identify key opportunities, and help you make adjustments to product and pricing that can improve your customer satisfaction and profits.

Morrison offers a range of data analytics and reporting capabilities that will enable you to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information that empowers you to make better-informed business decisions across a variety of areas.

Digital Solutions

Our self-service technologies extend customer access to café services and increase throughput—all while minimizing labor and operating costs. We offer three service models that can increase customer satisfaction and maximize operational efficiencies.

Preorder and pay
Customers use dynamic, intuitive screens to order their meals via walk-up kiosks, an online site or any mobile device. Orders are then prepared and placed at a designated pickup location.

Customers use kiosks to select, scan and pay for their items.

Cashiers man terminals during busy times of the day, but during non-peak or extended service hours, terminals are switched to the self-service mode.

Touchless check-out
As hospital cafés continue to evolve, we strive to provide touchless check-out options that improve guests’ experience and help them feel safe. Our cafés have Apple Pay and Google Pay available, as well as other ways of completing transactions.

InstaEat – Online Ordering
With InstaEat guests are able to pre-order and pre-pay for their favorite food from any desktop or mobile device. InstaEat offers rotational menus, exclusive promotions, and scheduled pick-up and delivery times.

Compass Digital Labs
Compass Digital Labs is part of the innovation fabric at Compass Group. They are dedicated to continually driving innovation and bringing together best-in-class practices and technologies to create great experiences.

Innovative Solutions

Morrison’s culture is uniquely geared to foster innovation for the food and people we serve, then to quickly transform those ideas into unrivaled programs and disciplines.

Studio on 3rd

Our innovation studio is a space for testing the latest innovations, training our associates on the latest programs and brainstorming what the future of healthcare holds. The innovation studio consists of a patient room, retail station, technology lab, self-checkout Avenue C, and a conference room that’s open to all of our clients.

Technology Solutions

Today’s technology brings a world of innovation to the foodservice industry. We are strong believers in leveraging technology to make dining services more convenient for our customers, and more efficient and productive for our associates.  Through social listening and mobile technology, we’re able to create personalized experiences.

MyDining – Morrison Healthcare’s Proprietary Foodservice Software

MyDining is a personalized meal-ordering system that provides patients greater control over in-room dining. This web-based solution makes it easy to log, track, and report on meal orders.

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