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Marcela Lissandrelli’s Manager in Training Experience

Marcela Thrives Through the Morrison Healthcare Manager in Training Program

A Healthcare Success Story 

The jump from college to a real-world work environment can feel very overwhelming for recent grads. Many have hopes of becoming managers but aren’t sure which companies are committed to their growth and development. Morrison Healthcare’s Manager in Training (MIT) Program is designed to fast-track entry level associates into management positions.

The MIT Program has been remarkably successful in helping us find and develop the talent (you!) and helping Morrison Healthcare continue thriving as the nation’s leading healthcare foodservice provider.

Our MIT program has other benefits as well: since the program began, for example, the percentage of staff who feel engaged in their job has risen by 71%, while turnover has decreased by 23%. In this economy, that’s gold.

Marcela Lissandrelli was the perfect candidate for Morrison Healthcare’s MIT program. A 2018 graduate in Business Marketing and Public Health from Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania, Lissandrelli already had experience in retail, web design, and healthcare through her work with Operation Smile in Nicaragua.

“As a recent college graduate, I did not feel I was 100% ready to join the workforce,” says Marcela. “When I first heard about the program, I loved it. My college roommate told me about it and we both applied. She was accepted into the Chartwells MIT program and I was accepted into Morrison Healthcare’s.”

Marcela packed her bags. She was headed to Miami.

“It was the perfect transition from college to work life,” Marcela continues. “MIT is a training program where you share experiences and work with people your age, who are going through similar things. Almost all of my classmates were recent college graduates, moving to a new city, and excited about the program.”

Marcela was teamed up with Elaine Tello, a recent MIT graduate who was ready to become a supervisor and mentor. After Marcela completed the program, Elaine was promoted to Senior Director, which opened a permanent spot for Marcela in Miami.

“It was a really beautiful example of growth within our company and former MITS supporting MITs,” said Lindsey McNeil, HR Manager and leader of Morrison Healthcare’s MIT Program.

“One of my favorite things about the program is watching everyone’s careers blossom and being here for support along the way. We are so proud of Marcela and Elaine. They have a passion for people and the power of food. We are so excited to continue to follow their growth and success within the company,” said Lindsey.

We sat down with Elaine to learn more about her experience in Morrison Healthcare’s Manager in Training (MIT) Program. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about when you met Elaine, Marcela.

I saw a woman who was determined to accomplish anything she proposed. “When I first started training with her, I loved how she was all-hands-on-deck. After Elaine taught me how to do something, she let me do it by myself, which is how I learn. She could explain every detail of the business. If she did not know something, she would find out. I knew I had the best mentor available to our class.”

How would you describe your relationship?

We have a very good relationship. We are currently working in different areas, but we still come together on projects and events that help the team. I know I can always count on Elaine to help me, or to help me find the best possible solution to a problem. Whenever she needs me, I help her.

Tell us about your experience with other companies. How does it compare to what you’ve experienced at Morrison Healthcare?

One thing I love about Morrison is how much they care for their employees. I have never seen any other company dedicate as much of their time and resources to training employees, helping them with everything they need and helping them grow within the company. I am glad to be part of this team.

How have you grown personally and professionally as part of the MIT program?

The program has helped me change my point of view on many things in life. It has helped me realize that we should not take anything for granted. Working in a hospital environment has also helped me to be grateful every day. If I had not started out where I did, I would have never known what it actually takes to run a business, and I would not be as passionate as I am about it.

Professionally, the MIT program has helped me grow in every aspect. The MIT shows you how to dress professionally, attend meetings, act on a conference call, and so much more. It guides you through every possible experience you might be challenged with on the job, and teaches you how to be prepared for it.

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