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Unlock the potential of your healthcare retail environment.

Your hospital’s food experience is a key component of driving satisfaction and star ratings. Let us help you build your brand in the community, reach your goals and drive performance while creating an inviting environment where everyone can have great food and a positive experience.

Experience the difference.

  • 25.7%

    retail sales increase for self-op conversions

  • 12%

    annual cost savings compared to self-op conversions

  • 17%

    fewer FANS FTEs when compared to self-op conversions

  • 30+

    rotating, pop-up & signature brands

Transform the experience

As your strategic partner, we’ll embrace creative and innovative opportunities to deliver results. Leveraging our substantial scale, meticulous focus and proven legacy of success, we’re the right choice to expedite your transformational journey.

The Best Retail Programs in Healthcare.

With a variety of customizable programs and platforms, we’ll help you build a consistent experience that drives loyalty and supports your goals and objectives.

Morrison Healthcare Retail Excellence

The Morrison Collection

Take advantage of our industry-leading concepts, rotating brands, and designs with dedicated marketing support and on-demand resources.

Healthcare Digital

Connected workforce solutions and digital strategies that create efficient retail ecosystems and drive profitability. Solutions include mobile ordering, self-checkout, Just Walk Out retail, kiosks and more.

Morrison Healthcare Retail Concepts

Data Driven Concept Engineering

Customize menus based on historical preferences, advanced analytics, community demographics, sustainability practices and purchasing strategy.

Pricing and Procurement Support

Morrison and Foodbuy, one of the largest food procurement organizations in North America, deliver industry leading pricing and procurement support.

Local Pop-Up Brands & Celebrity Chefs

Use our simple, proven platforms to highlight local chefs and partner with the your favorite restaurateurs to drive engagement and foster talent.

End-to-End Wellness Solutions

From sustainable sourcing to wellness promotions and teaching kitchens, we help you promote positive health changes in your community.

Case Studies.

April 26, 2024

Cutting Cost and Improving Outcomes with Nutrition Therapy

MMT is used to track each patient identified by the dietitian as malnourished from the time the dietitian sees them until they are discharged. It takes the data and determines the difference in reimbursement due to the malnutrition code. The data also help us identify missed opportunities, such as when the dietitian identified malnutrition, but the patient wasn’t coded with malnutrition at discharge. This is an example where the MHC Malnutrition program helps the hospital receive reimbursement for the care provided.

April 25, 2024

Right Place, Right Time: Doctors Medical Center Using Relay to Increase Staff Efficiency

Compass One Healthcare’s exclusive partnership with Relay is helping a team at Doctors Medical Center expedite cart delivery times and keep patients happy.

April 24, 2024

Boston Medical Center Teams Using Relay to Connect the Communications Dots

 Compass One Healthcare’s exclusive partnership with Relay is boosting efficiency and improving patient meal delivery processes at Boston Medical Center.

Let’s Work Together.

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