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Improving Population Health

Making healthcare systems more resilient.

Our wellness and sustainability programs help health systems and communities make better decisions that impact their health and the planet. From driving more equitable purchasing to educating the community, the right strategy can build your hospital’s reputation, drive workforce engagement and help you drive performance that matters.

  • Increasing access to healthier options.
  • Driving sustainable behaviors.
  • Supporting diverse and local suppliers.
  • Reducing food waste.

Growing wellness and
sustainability initiatives.

Everything we do is built on a foundation of collaboration, inclusivity and consciousness. Our leading initiatives are supported by our operational expertise and proprietary technology.

WellPower Certification

Our data-driven framework empowers health systems to set achievable goals, transform food environments and promote sustainability education.

Nutritional Engagement Activities

The Teaching Kitchen platform strengthens nutritional knowledge and provides enriching culinary experiences through fun hands-on learning activities.

Waste Not 2.0

This proprietary food waste reduction bundle includes waste auditing and tracking tools, food composting support and built-in donation partnerships. Program diverts waste from the landfill and lowers food costs.

Food as Medicine Programming

Fully prepared and nutritionally tailored healthy meals for patients at home.

Carbon FoodPrint

Via our customizable carbon reduction programs, you can track actions taken in foodservice to assess, quantify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable & Diverse Supplier Purchasing

We help partners optimize environmentally preferable purchasing programs and better align foodservice strategy with an organizations ESG goals.

Powerful Partnerships.

With our data-driven support model, strategic wellness initiatives and partnerships grounded in collaboration, we help our partners balance financial outcomes and community benefit.


Practice Greenhealth.

Environmental solutions for health systems.

An international coalition

Healthcare Without Harm.

An international coalition of hospitals and healthcare systems, academic institutions, and environmental organizations working to reduce health care's ecological footprint.

Healthcare Anchor

Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN).

A growing national collaboration of 70+ leading healthcare systems building more inclusive and sustainable local economies.


We create great tasting and better-for-you foods that energize the mind, body and spirit. This energy encourages our customers and the communities in which we serve, to embrace a delicious and healthful style of well-being through balanced nutrition. We define wellness through our food philosophy, and we place equal importance on the sourcing of local and sustainable food ingredients as well as the nutrients that they provide. However, wellness isn’t just about the food; it is also about changing the culture to effectively promote positive health changes in caregivers, patients, and the community.


It’s at the heart of Morrison’s vision and values, as well as that of our parent company, Compass Group. Our commitment to the health of patients and the planet is reflected through scores of initiatives designed to reduce energy and water consumption, support greener practices and build a sustainable future together.

Our Sustainability Scorecard.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report looks back at what we were able to accomplish in 2020 as our sustainable goals and aspirations. Looking forward, we continue to create corporate transparency in doing what’s best for both people and planet.

  • 90%

    Sustainable Seafood.

  • 39%

    Fair Trade Coffee.

  • 91%

    Reduced Antibiotic Chicken.

  • 93%

    Cage-Free (Shell) Eggs.

  • 98%

    rBGH-Free Milk.

  • 98%

    rBGH-Free Yogurt.

  • 91%

    Reduced Antibiotic Turkey.

  • 21%

    Local Produce.

The Leaders in Healthcare Wellness and Sustainability.

With our data-driven support model, strategic wellness initiatives and partnerships grounded in collaboration, we help our partners balance financial outcomes and community benefit.

Teaching Kitchen.

The Teaching Kitchen is a hands-on teaching experience instructed by a chef and dietitian. Participants explore food, culinary and nutritional literacy, thereby positively impacting food choices. This unique and innovative solution promotes healthy eating and engagement while delivering a positive Culinary Nutrition message.

Interactive cooking demonstrations feature fresh seasonal foods, prepared in a manner that excite the senses and restore the body—all with the goal of enriching lives and enhancing the wellbeing of your retail guests, patients, and community.

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Case Studies.

February 13, 2024

Enabled Tech Helps Keep Nurses at Top of License

TaskVue provides clinical care workers visibility into the patient meal process. From not ordered to delivered, the status for every patient meal is visible through a single dashboard. By implementing the Morrison Healthcare exclusive patient meal ordering and delivery system–the most affordable, best-in-class solution on the market– we can keep nurses operating at the top of their license by shifting non-clinical tasks to support services and providing more predictability around delivery and service requests. 

June 22, 2023

Good Partners: A Guiding Hand for Future Growth

Roper St. Francis Healthcare strives to promote purpose over profit in order to meet the health needs of their community. System administrators collaborated with Partners Cooperative to identify challenges and create viable solutions to support their long-term strategies. Roper St. Francis Healthcare, in partnership with Partners Cooperative, engaged Morrison Healthcare to provide their world-class support services and purchasing power at the lowest possible cost.

May 01, 2023

Leading the Way with Food Waste Reduction

Morrison Healthcare is leading the way with food waste reduction through its proprietary and patent-pending, chef-centric, cloud-based, waste-tracking program, Waste Not 2.0. We know not all kitchen waste is created equal. Waste Not 2.0 provides managers with intuitive tools to quickly analyze data and secure waste reduction solutions. Explore how three hospitals use Waste Not 2.0 to fulfill their commitment to sustainability.

Let’s Work Together.

To learn more about how we can help your hospital achieve greater population health, click the link below or call 1-800-2CLIENT.