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Food and nutrition services are a vital part of the healthcare experience. With the right partner, hospitals can improve the patient experience while lowering cost. We save our clients an average of 12% when they switch their food and nutrition services from self-operation to Morrison Healthcare. Those are savings we replicate year after year. It’s about delivering value to your patients and to your hospital.

Myth vs Reality.

Ready to utilize partnership credits, tap into our diverse supplier network or use our data scientists to build a better experience? Creating customized plans to drive performance and adding value for our partners is what we do best.

Why Morrison Healthcare Is Different?

Morrison Healthcare is redefining excellence in food and nutrition services. Through budget-conscious, custom solutions, Morrison is the right partner to meet your goals and improve the patient experience. Morrison differentiates itself through:

Innovative Technology.

Morrison Healthcare has invested heavily in creating proprietary technology solutions that bring value to hospital administrators and patients. With technology that integrates with your hospital’s electronic health record, Morrison brings new levels of efficiency and patient experience to food and nutrition services.

Labor Management Strategies.

Healthcare is about people. Morrison Healthcare has developed industry leading strategies that foster career growth for food and nutrition services professionals. We hire the best people and are able to retain top talent, which leads to better service for your patients and results for the hospital.

Our Culture.

Working in contract food and support services provides daily opportunities to serve others who are experiencing life’s highs and lows. Morrison Healthcare takes that to heart and works to uplift communities. This culture rooted in compassion and mission creates a great work environment for associates. Morrison ranks as one of the top places to work in healthcare by Modern Healthcare, Becker’s and Forbes.

Patient Focus.

Everything we do is about patients. Morrison Healthcare has created a Patient Solutions team that is solely focused on improving the patient experience at hospitals around the country. These highly trained associates ensure food and nutrition services remains patient-centric, improving the experience and outcomes (2024 Award Winners Pictured).

Power of Data and Analytics.

Data can lead to increased efficiency and accountability. Morrison has robust technology solutions that provide data that has led to major improvements in tray delivery times. Beyond collecting data, Morrison puts data in the proper context, allowing for better benchmarking and sharing of best practices.

Morrison Healthcare Retail Concepts

Revitalized Retail Operations.

Retail food operations can be an important satisfier for patients and staff, while simultaneously serving as a revenue generator. Morrison is transforming the retail dining experience in hospitals to bring value and excitement through customized, rotating menus that fit the unique palate of each community.

Food and Nutrition Services

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Case Studies.

March 06, 2024

Room Service Toolkit: Securing Efficiencies and Improving the Patient Experience

Morrison Healthcare’s Room Service Program is an on-demand meal ordering program that affords the patient greater perceived control over their meals and improves patient satisfaction. The Room Service Toolkit is a collection of best practices to optimize the Room Service Program itself. See how our Patient Solutions support team collaborated with onsite leadership to identify an opportunity to improve meal delivery times, and positively impact food quality and the patient experience through the Room Service Toolkit. 

March 05, 2024

Better Communication Driving Richer Patient Experience at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center

Compass One Healthcare’s exclusive partnership with Relay is improving staff communication and having a meaningful impact on patient care at Grant Hospital. The Food and Nutrition team at OhioHealth Grant Medical center needed to get a more complete view of its people to manage their overall operations more efficiently. Grant Medical Center chose Relay, the cloud platform for frontline teams, to help do that.

February 13, 2024

Enabled Tech Helps Keep Nurses at Top of License

TaskVue provides clinical care workers visibility into the patient meal process. From not ordered to delivered, the status for every patient meal is visible through a single dashboard. By implementing the Morrison Healthcare exclusive patient meal ordering and delivery system–the most affordable, best-in-class solution on the market– we can keep nurses operating at the top of their license by shifting non-clinical tasks to support services and providing more predictability around delivery and service requests. 

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