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Cutting Costs and Improving Outcomes with Nutrition Therapy

In today’s evolving healthcare environment, quality patient care is of the utmost importance. Nutrition therapy is an integral part of this process since it’s estimated that about 30- 50% of hospitalized patients are malnourished upon admission. Nutrition deficits can impact muscle loss and, in turn, increase the risk of falls, infection, and pressure injury, and negatively impact wound healing, length of stay (LOS), hospital readmissions, and reimbursement rates.

Many hospitals are missing out on the benefits of reduced length of stay and readmissions along with the additional potential revenue from identifying and treating malnourished patients. To help them solve this issue, Morrison Healthcare (MHC) has developed a new software tool called MyMalnutrition Tools (MMT).

why contract food service?

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As your strategic partner, we embrace creative and innovative opportunities to support your goals and help you reduce the cost of care. Having a partner that can balance resources with unmatched purchasing power will accelerate your organization’s transformational journey.


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