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Wellness at Work: A Look at How Cleveland Clinic is Creating Healthier Nurses

Wellness at Work: A Look at How Cleveland Clinic is Creating Healthier Nurses

We need to take better care of our nurses.

Research shows that nurses are less healthy than the average American. They are more likely to be overweight, have higher levels of stress, and get less sleep. This is a problem that must be solved. After all, healthy nurses serve as great role models for patients and their families.

Morrison Healthcare is actively working to solve the problem by creating new, innovative solutions. One solution—leveraging technology to increase access to healthy food. Technology can play an important role in solving problems in healthcare and delivering results for caregivers.

Cleveland Clinic is known nationally for the level of care and quality of clinicians. Over the past year, the hospital has also made major strides in ensuring a healthy nursing population by prioritizing the wellness of its nursing staff.

Nurses across the country are facing the strain of staff shortages and higher patient volumes. It is the same at Cleveland Clinic. When caregivers at the hospital shared that they didn’t have much time for meal breaks, leaders at Cleveland Clinic worked with Morrison Healthcare to institute the InstaEat program, which brings mobile food ordering to healthcare, including:

“This technology solution is popular with our caregivers who have shared with us that they don’t have a lot of time for their meal break, and the ease of ordering through pickup has helped with that challenge,” said Jim Razzante, director of Retail Operations, Cleveland Clinic.

The program had an immediate impact, growing rapidly in the first year.

“Since our launch of the InstaEat ordering system in January 2021, we have seen rapid growth in users and sales,” said Razzante. “In the past 12 months, our sales through InstaEat has grown from $2,500 a month to over $20,000 a month, along with a lift in check average of 8.5% compared to the location check average.”

So how did Cleveland Clinic and Morrison Healthcare grow the program so quickly?

It comes down to creating a simple to understand and sustainable program, as well as utilizing a few key marketing tactics:

  • Create an omni-channel marketing strategy using print and digital assets
  • Ambassadors handed our InstaEat cards to customers in line
  • Advertised on the Food & Nutrition Services page, linking to the InstaEat website
  • Focused marketing materials on pick-up and delivery messaging
  • Targeted caregivers with a unique marketing plan to create buy-in

These marketing efforts served as a catalyst for the program, creating brand champions who advocated for the program and set it up for long-term sustainability. Beyond the impact on caregivers, the program positively affected other areas of the hospital foodservice program.

“InstaEat has helped us reduce the line at some of our busiest locations, which was especially important after the COVID-19 pandemic to support social distancing and reduce the amount of time people spend in the café itself,” said Wendy Phillips, regional vice president, Morrison Healthcare Team at Cleveland Clinic.

By working together and utilizing technology to solve a critical challenge, Cleveland Clinic and Morrison healthcare have created a pathway for nurses to get the healthy food they want, when they want it. This is just one story but there are many more. More and more hospitals around the country are embracing InstaEat as they look to improve the nursing job experience and promote wellness among a vital audience.

It’s all about caring for those who care for us.


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