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WellPower: Giving People the Power to Be Well With Nourishing Food

What is WellPower?

As a company that serves approximately one million meals daily, we have an enormous opportunity to influence the eating habits of patients, hospital guests, and our employees. And that opportunity has never been greater.

That’s why in April we are launching WellPower, our refreshed name and look to describe our comprehensive wellness and sustainability programs. WellPower’s goal is simple: to encourage people to eat nourishing food which helps them feel their best. We want to motivate and equip our people with knowledge so they understand healthy food can taste delicious and contribute to a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Our refreshed name and look to describe our

comprehensive wellness and sustainability programs.


In April, each visitor in our 650+ hospitals nationwide will see an increased emphasis on the importance of eating tasty, nutritious food. WellPower promotions in the hospital cafes will include:

  • Banners, posters, motivational cards and other materials highlighting the functional health benefits of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy foods beyond just basic nutrition.
  • Icon displays will inform guests about which foods contain the nutrients needed for a balanced meal (also called “Fit Meal”). Icons will also display foods that meet requirements for vegan and vegetarian meals.
  • WellPower banners will be placed near the café’s entrance to help guests understand the meaning of the program.
  • Digital screens will keep guests updated on the daily menu and its health benefits.


Count on being inspired to eat healthy at featured WellPower special events like cooking demos this summer as a part of “WellPower Wednesdays.” WellPower meal combinations will also be served daily to make choosing a healthy meal simple. We will also offer regular informational campaigns about healthy eating and disease prevention. These will be presented in conjunction with strategic partners, like the American Diabetes Association.

Of course, WellPower is much more than a marketing campaign – it’s our approach to wellbeing. WellPower also includes the work of our registered dietitians like Elaine McCall, an RD at the University of Virginia’s School of Nursing Compassionate Care Initiative, who develops diets for patients with kidney disease that help them to live more comfortably. ProjectZ, another component of WellPower which identifies poor sleep behaviors and provides a personal improvement plan, will also help Morrison employees lead safer and more productive lives.

Since introducing a wellness platform in 2012, Morrison has had a significant impact on the health of our patients and hospital guests. We have reduced calories by 28 percent, sodium by 50 percent and sugar by 59 percent in hospital cafes and on patient menus.

WellPower will continue to include innovative ideas from our chefs and dietitians. In January, Morrison introduced three organic fruits and vegetables to our menu at 11 Atlanta hospitals grown locally at family farms in Georgia and Alabama. Regional Executive Chef Bradley Czajka is using 100% stone ground grits, a whole grain, as part of a sautéed shrimp entrée. He plans to offer three new organic fruits and vegetables grown locally each month and promote them to our guests.

Eat Deliciously

Finally, the emphasis to choose healthy meals does not mean people need to sacrifice taste. We want people to enjoy eating the food they like, but WellPower will help them balance taste and nutrition with the ultimate goal of improving their health and preventing illness. I hope you’ll join me in taking advantage of this opportunity to help our guests and show our clients how Morrison Healthcare does more than any other company to complement their own wellness programs.

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As your strategic partner, we embrace creative and innovative opportunities to support your goals and help you reduce the cost of care. Having a partner that can balance resources with unmatched purchasing power will accelerate your organization’s transformational journey.

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