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Spotlight on Safety: Our Regional Safety Champions Share Best Practices

As we celebrate National Safety Month this June, Morrison Healthcare is proud to spotlight a few of our regional safety champions, who play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of both our patients and frontline associates.  

These dedicated individuals are at the forefront of our commitment to safety. By reinforcing vital safety rules and promoting best practices, our regional safety champions help create a secure and efficient workplace. Here are some important safety reminders from these champions, who tirelessly work to foster a culture of safety and protect our valued team members.  

We asked Alex Hann, Sr. Director of Food & Nutrition at Alameda Health System Fairmont Hospital and Safety Champion, about his best safety reminder or piece of advice…Alex said, “I love the famous John Wooden quote ‘Be quick, but don’t hurry.’ I think this applies as well, if not better, to food service than basketball. We all have obstacles to complete our job duties on time, but when we hurry, we make mistakes. And mistakes with kitchen knives or 400-degree oil are a lot more dangerous than a turnover in a basketball game.” 


TJ Bynes, Food Services Director at Baystate Noble Hospital and Safety Champion, is a firm believer that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our own wellbeing to get great results. He enjoys how the RSC role gives him the opportunity to stay connected with colleagues throughout the region. What is his best safety advice? “SLOW DOWN! I’m no stranger to how busy and stressed we all are, but most accidents happen because we’re not taking the time to be safe. A little bit of situational awareness goes a long way!” said TJ. 


Lisa Mathieu, RDO and Safety Champion has a safety tip for you today… “Please treat your co-workers will the level of care and concern that you provide to your patients, family, friends, and pets. Working safely, together, is a coordinated team effort and a responsibility of each of us.” Lisa became a Safety Champion because she loves creating experiences for people. “We are in this industry because we all have a passionate calling to care for others. Creating an environment of awareness, education, and most importantly, care, is one way that I can give back to our frontline associates who do so much,” she said. 


Brenda Osburn, DFNS IV and Safety Champion, decided to become a safety champion because, she said, “Our lives can and will change forever in less than a blink of an eye. If I can help keep our teams from encountering forever life-changing injuries, it is worth every bit of effort to be done.” Brenda’s favorite safety tip is to follow “Smooth is Fast, don’t be scurrying around like a cockroach who has had the light turned on it in the middle of the night.” She said, “Take that step back, refocus, and move a little slower to avoid hurting yourself or one of your teammates. The cost of even a minor medical claim is too much to pay in time and the changes it makes in your earnings. 


Jeffrey Fleischman, Sr. Director of Food & Nutrition and Safety Champion, gave his best piece of safety advice. He said, “Catching your team practicing safe habits will build a culture of safety and accountability. When we are constantly praising scenarios of safety, our associates will motivate and hardwire best practices. This will ultimately deter the defensiveness when we must correct an unsafe behavior or situation. The associates will be more apt to help keep their environment & team members safe!” 


Elizabeth Ramirez, Regional Virtual Program Director and Safety Champion, said, “Communication is the key to success! Take the time to train your associates on safe work practices, hold everyone to the same safety standards at all times, and discuss accident investigations with your teams to prevent them from reoccurring.” We asked Elizabeth why she wanted to become a Safety Champion and she said, “I love being involved in the development of our safety culture. I enjoy working with our leadership teams and frontline associates to promote the safety program through communication, engagement, and a proactive injury prevention approach.” 

The commitment to safety is ALWAYS a priority no matter what time of year. Thank you to these safety champions, managers, and frontline associates that maintain an attitude of excellence and follow guidelines and procedures to ensure that safety remains top of mind.

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