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Healthcare Leaders: What You Need to Know About Foodservice

Healthcare Leaders: What You Need to Know About Foodservice

Ever wonder where foodservice companies get their data from? Have you heard about hospitals improving HCAHPS scores through food? Did you know that many celebrity chefs’ day job is preparing food for sick and recovering patients?  

We’re here to share these and many other insights from the healthcare foodservice world. This blog will take you behind the scenes of our business. You’ll get to see our chefs in action, learn about our leaders and what they’re working on to disrupt our industry, and meet some of the wonderful people who are using the Power of Food™ to change lives. 

Food is such an important part of our lives. According to a recent study, the typical American thinks about food an average of four times a day, totaling up to about forty minutes daily. This is more than ten days per year! While there are other things your patients are thinking about while they’re in the hospital, there’s a big chance they dedicate part of their day to thinking about food. With our help, you should be able to satisfy their needs. 

If you weren’t thinking about food, now you are. You’re welcome! We don’t want you to give in to that chocolate craving – although you totally deserve it! We want you to think about food as a way to connect with your patients, staff, and visitors every day. 

Ready to Unleash the Power of Food™? 

Think about it. Food has the power to define an experience. Your greatest memories are usually attached to an amazing meal. You remember a server at a restaurant that offered exceptional service. The same happens in your hospital—patients will remember a compassionate nurse or an exceptional meal. 

We have the power to heal through food. We have the power to comfort a patient’s family in a difficult timeWe’re turning our cafés into wonderful places where caregivers and visitors can have a respite. How are we doing this? With the power of analytics. We’re gathering data that helps us give prescriptive recommendations and create a better experience for hospital guests. 

In the coming months, you’ll continue to hear more from us. We’re busy conducting research, forming new partnerships, and reimagining the future of healthcare foodservice. We want to share with you what we learn along the way. We want to update you with the latest trends in our industry and be a source of information about healthcare leadership topics.  

Our blog will offer some insight into what we, Morrison Healthcare, are doing to address issues that are important for you. Here, you’ll be able to read the latest about our population health strategy and how we can provide wellness programs for your staff. We are finding ways to generate new streams of revenue to help you as you struggle to deal with the continued decline in hospital revenues. 

In our interactions with clients and potential clients, we’ve seen how supply chain leaders are becoming more involved in the process of selecting a foodservice provider. We are going to cover topics that will help these leaders make decisions and learn more about the impact Morrison Healthcare can have in their hospitals or health systems. 

Enough of us. We want to hear from you. What’s keeping you up at night? How can we help you improve the patient experience? What would you like to know about us? Contact us and let us know. 

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