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End-to-end Wellness

Morrison’s Commitment to Wellness and Culinary Excellence.

You can taste the difference. We have a passion for life’s flavor, preparing dishes that excite the senses and restore the body–all with the goal of enriching lives and enhancing the well being of your patients, staff, and customers. It shapes our menu, inspires our chefs and upholds our standards.

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Our Wellness Platform is Morrison’s end-to-end wellness solution.

It includes the latest research on healthful eating and an understanding of behavioral change in food consumption. Additionally this platform includes the understanding of the local communities, demographics and traditions that comprise the hospital customers that we have served for over 65 years.

Our Wellness Platform model incorporates three dimensions:

A collection of foundational minimum standards – Our menu items and ingredients ensure availability of healthy and sustainable on-site dining choices

A customizable portfolio of wellness solutions – We allow you to design a comprehensive end-to-end solution or select individual components aligned with your business goals

Partnerships with nationally recognized organizations – We leverage their knowledge and expertise to develop wellness initiatives and healthier communities


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