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Wellness Philosophy.

Wellness, as a means of promoting culture change within our communities, serves as a prominent entity in all that we do.

We create great tasting and better-for-you foods that energize the mind, body and spirit. This energy encourages our customers and the communities in which we serve, to embrace a delicious and healthful style of well-being through balanced nutrition. We define wellness through our food philosophy, and we place equal importance on the sourcing of local and sustainable food ingredients as well as the nutrients that they provide. However, wellness isn’t just about the food; it is also about changing the culture to effectively promote positive health changes in caregivers, patients, and the community.

We promote healthy, high-quality, knowledgeable food choices and an active lifestyle for your patients as a path to wellness that spans far beyond the hospital walls.

Teaching Kitchen.

The Teaching Kitchen is a hands-on teaching experience instructed by a chef and dietitian. Participants explore food, culinary and nutritional literacy, thereby positively impacting food choices. This unique and innovative solution promotes healthy eating and engagement while delivering a positive Culinary Nutrition message.

Interactive cooking demonstrations feature fresh seasonal foods, prepared in a manner that excite the senses and restore the body—all with the goal of enriching lives and enhancing the wellbeing of your retail guests, patients, and community.

Teaching Kitchen At Home.

Morrison Healthcare and Celebrity Chef Bal Arneson bring the Power of Food to people’s homes in our new series, Teaching Kitchen @ Home.

End-to-End Wellness.

Morrison’s Commitment To Wellness & Culinary Excellence.

You can taste the difference. We have a passion for life’s flavor, preparing dishes that excite the senses and restore the body—all with the goal of enriching lives and enhancing the well-being of your patients, staff, and customers. It shapes our menu, inspires our chefs and upholds our standards.

Our Wellness Platform Is Morrison’s End-To-End Wellness Solution.

This platform includes the latest research on healthful eating and an understanding of behavioral change in food consumption. Additionally, it includes the understanding of the local communities, demographics and traditions that comprise the hospital customers that we have served for over 65 years.

The WellPowerTM Certification is a wellness and sustainability certification program that supports healthcare teams in achieving standards of healthy and sustainable food environments is hospitals. This population health strategy provides a framework for transforming food environments through three achievable tiers.


Patient Services Designed To Improve Patient Satisfaction And Safety.

Morrison’s Patient Experience team is the only one of its kind in the USA. We created a separate national team of Patient Experience managers, driven by our VP of Patient Experience. The Patient Experience team coaches and trains Operations to maximize HCAHPS scores for our clients. Morrison Patient Experience professionals are patient satisfaction specialists – improving the patient experience is all they do.

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Food Options That Nourish And Excite Your Hospital’s Care Teams And Guests.

The demanding pace of today’s hospitals makes the on-site dining experience more important and valuable than ever. Our mission is to transform the dining experience into one that not only provides an opportunity to refuel the body, but also provides a brief escape from the high-stress environment— while enjoying a great meal with family, friends, and co-workers.

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Retail Experience.

Your hospital’s food experience is a key component of building satisfaction and should offer a respite that caregivers, staff, and guests can depend on. Let us help you create an inviting environment where everyone can recharge their battery.

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Population Health.

With the demanding pace of today’s hospitals and healthcare facilities, the on-site dining experience is more important and valuable than ever. Delivering food that is bursting with flavor and nutrition is only the beginning.

Our purpose is to create positive change in the food system through meaningful food experiences that promote wellbeing for people and the planet.

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Digital Innovation.

Everyone has data; we know how to use it. Morrison’s internal analytics group, E15, defines target consumers, segments guests into distinct profiles, and studies their food and beverage preferences. This data is used to design creative and diverse menus that meet the needs of your patients, staff, and community. Our expertise, applied to the massive volume of data generated by a healthcare system, can transform abstract information into valuable business intelligence and predictive analytics.

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Clinical Nutrition.

Take your nutrition and health operations to the next level with our exclusive nutrition services. The clinical expertise offered through our partnership will provide your patients with individualized evidence-based practice and compassionate care.

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Three Dimensions Of Wellness Platform.

A Collection of Foundational Minimum Standards.

Our menu items and ingredients ensure the availability of healthy and sustainable on-site dining choices.

A Customizable Portfolio of Wellness Solutions.

We allow you to design a comprehensive end-to-end solution, or select individual components aligned with your business goals.

Partnerships with Nationally Recognized Organizations.

We leverage their knowledge and expertise to develop wellness initiatives and healthier communities.

Experience The Morrison Difference.

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