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A Thanksgiving Message from Chef Cary Neff

A Thanksgiving Message from Chef Cary Neff

As foodies, it’s probable that you have an affinity for Thanksgiving over many other holiday celebrations as I do. Despite the added stress of preparing a ginormous meal of timeless favorites for family and friends, sharing memories with loved ones is simply priceless! If the abundance of hearty fall vegetables and comforting aromas of slow-roasting turkey and delicious baked goods don’t put a happy smile on your face, the satisfying flavors surely will.

For my family, it’s all of that and so much more. Thanksgiving provides a unique opportunity for family members far and near to gather around the table to give thanks for the many blessings life has afforded us throughout the year.

Thanks for good health, prosperity and the many things we might take for granted throughout the year, such as the ability to provide nourishing meals for our families every day, while shamefully so many Americans find it increasingly difficult to secure safe, affordable and nourishing foods for their families.

The Compass One Healthcare teams at Morrison and Crothall are blessed to be part of a dynamic market leader who provides caring services to vulnerable patients and exceptional caregivers across the U.S. We take great pride in our attention to detail and the opportunity to provide the best service and hospitality to comfort patients and families during very traumatic times.

Our thankfulness begins with the little things that are often taken for granted, but highly meaningful to those who receive it. It might be the crisp, clean bed linens; the sterile patient rooms or safe patient transport. It also includes the comforting smile of the café food server; the attentive catering assistant who delivers a hot and tasty meal just after surgery; or the careful attention provided by our dietitians that demonstrate our difference through the Power of Food.

But, most importantly it’s the strength found in our diverse experiences, gender, race and ethnicity; it’s what makes Compass One …ONE! So when you gather around the family table this Thanksgiving to enjoy favorite delicacies, please remember those less fortunate. I also invite you to extend heartfelt appreciation towards our team members who strive tirelessly every day to enhance lives by providing a robust and positive impact within healthcare and the communities with we serve.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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