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Celebrating Our Diverse Suppliers

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion is an important way to combat social and racial injustice. It is the key to innovation, provides new insights to our business and allows us to create new opportunities for our markets, clients, and customers. 

“Supplier diversity is not just about meeting quotas or checking boxes; it is about harnessing the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and foster creativity. We know that when we collaborate with suppliers from different backgrounds and experiences, we unlock fresh ideas, unique solutions, and new approaches to problem-solving.” 

– Lindsay Broome Director, Supplier Diversity for Foodbuy. 

In the slideshow below learn about some of the Black Owned businesses currently partnering with Foodbuy and Morrison Healthcare. You can also find out more information on the Diverse Supplier Accelerator Program as well as other resources to source and work with our Diverse Suppliers.  

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