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Ignite Inclusion: Sheetal Parikh’s Story

Ignite Inclusion: Sheetal Parikh’s Story

A year ago, Sheetal joined Morrison as a Clinical Dietitian. Unfortunately, like so many others, Sheetal had a negative experience with a previous employer where diversity and inclusion were not emphasized or practiced.

Sheetal recalls that her manager often made decisions for the whole team without ever requesting input from others. One memory, however, stands out above them all.

One day, Sheetal was looking for her boss, and despite being certain her boss was in the building, Sheetal couldn’t find her. Sheetal assumed she was in a meeting, but then she passed her boss and the rest of her team discussing something that looked important…without her.

Probably wasn’t a big deal, right? People have meetings all the time, so who cares? Despite these thoughts, Sheetal had a hard time pushing the visual of her team discussing something important without her from her memory. After all, it wasn’t often her manager solicited help or input from anyone, much less the entire team. For the rest of the day, she struggled to focus.

“I asked one of my teammates what they were talking about and why I wasn’t included,” Sheetal remembers, “My teammate simply replied, ‘Nothing. Just a little bit of talk,’ and left the room.”

Just nothing? Sheetal asked her manager the same question. She received the same response.

Their responses were hurtful and confusing. How is it possible for a group to conduct a meeting and have no explanation for its purpose? “I confirmed with myself that my boss and teammates had no desire to include me.”

The Importance of Diversity

Attracted by our company’s mission, vision, and associate support, Sheetal set her sight on joining Morrison. “I used to hear professionals say, ‘If you are with Morrison, you’ll be in good hands.’”

After she transitioned, she immediately noticed how diversity and inclusion are woven into our cultural fabric. “I cannot ask for a better team or leaders…they have taught me to become a better leader myself.”

“Diversity and inclusion are so important in the workplace. If you are not treated right, then [it’s easy to] lose interest in work. You stop caring about your team, and your customers.”

Sheetal believes it’s sad when employees leave companies because their differences are not embraced. “The company loses out on a great employee, and the added culture he/she can bring to the organization as a whole.”

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

While we aren’t always in control of the environments in which we work, we all play an active role in helping shape them. Even though Sheetal feels included by her current team, she’s still motivated to do all she can to continue cultivating an inclusive environment. She believes anyone can help celebrate differences and promote inclusion by:

  • Respecting everyone, regardless of position or title.
  • Tolerating all customs and religions. No matter how we look, talk, or eat, at the end of the day, we are all humans.
  • Challenging ourselves to learn more about other people’s culture.
  • Taking a chance on people. If we don’t, we may never know how talented someone may be.
  • Talking about something other than work with coworkers. Learning about their culture, likes, dislikes, hobbies, family, etc. will help to strengthen relationships between all of us.

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