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Together Fifty Years and Still Going Strong

Together Fifty Years and Still Going Strong

[Written for Morrison Healthcare by Alasdair Farrar]

It’s our fiftieth anniversary! For half a century, Maury Regional Health and Morrison Healthcare have been working together to keep patients, caregivers, and staff well fed. The traditional gift after half a century together is gold—but some things are more important.

Maury’s ranking as a top healthcare facility in Tennessee, for one, is worth more than gold. The real value is in the reasons why Maury earned that honor, and how Morrison has played a time-honored role in Maury becoming the best place in the state to heal.  A good meal is much more than nutrition. It provides comfort, warmth—a moment of peace and normality for people to share in what may be a tough situation. That’s how our team members work together to stay on the cutting edge of care, using technology and data analytics so that our clients have the best experience possible.

“I believe Maury and Morrison are culturally aligned,” says Erin Meehan, Southern Division President of Morrison Healthcare. “Our culture is so deep, and a place like Maury is a perfect example, where we have 40-year associates who we still call to talk about what is really important.”  

Healthcare is in constant flux. Adapting to those changes—making the most of every medical advance while riding the waves of political transition—is how we make sure that our patients, caregivers, and team members are provided with the best possible environment. It’s not always easy, but it is the most rewarding job we can imagine.

“At Maury, we have a mission statement that says, ‘well-fed patients heal faster, and well-fed caregivers provide better care,’ explains Jerry Coulter, Senior Director Food and Nutrition Services at Maury Regional Health. “Our café is a fantastic place where we can live up to both sides of that mission.”

As we look ahead to our next decade, Morrison and Maury remain committed to improving our partnership, facilities, and ability to serve patients, caregivers and team members. We know the traditional gift for a sixtieth anniversary is diamonds, but that’s not why we’re sticking together.

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