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Elaine Excels Through the Morrison Healthcare Manager in Training Program

Elaine Excels Through the Morrison Healthcare Manager in Training Program

Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do at Morrison. This is a big job, with high stakes—the health and happiness of thousands of people, many of them at their most vulnerable. That’s why we collaborate with one another, to make sure everything running as well or better than it did the day before.

For Morrison System Retail Director Elaine Tello, teamwork is the best part of the job. “I love seeing other people grow. I love helping my team,” says Elaine. “I try to help people with the little things that can impact their team, and their own career. You can change the way you speak, you can change your positivity about what you can do. You can change people’s lives, make their day so much better, just with a cup of coffee.”

Elaine’s introduction to Morrison Healthcare was the Manager in Training (MIT) program. “It was very important to my success,” she remembers. “It helped me understand the vision, culture, purpose, and values of Compass Group. I walk into my accounts every day and show my team how they can impact people’s lives through the Power of Food.”

“The positivity of working as a team reflects not only on their career growth, it also positively impacts our guests and patients. I’ve learned so much through the three years working in this company, but the most valuable part of my job is working with my beautiful team every day. They are the reason why I am in the position I am today.”

Today, Elaine is perfectly positioned to guide and support others in the MIT program, and she’s thrilled to do it including Marcela Lissandrelli. Marcela has since graduated from the MIT program thanks to hard work and help from mentors like Elaine. You can read more about Marcela’s experience in the MIT Program here.

Tell us about when you met Marcela. How did you feel about her being your mentee? What did you first notice about her?

I could tell, from our first interview, how great Marcela was going to be for the MIT program. Her personality and marketing education meant that she was going to bring both staff engagement and marketing ideas into our retail areas. It was a privilege to work side-by-side with Marcela, and to move on from the MIT program into being an MIT Training Manager.

How would you describe your relationship?

We are a team that holds each other’s hands. Whenever I need help, Marcela is just a phone call away, and the same goes for Marcela when she has a big job. We believe that by helping one another, we can learn more about Compass culture and grow professionally.

How did you find out about the MIT program?

After I returned to the United States from Brazil, a college friend, Stephanie, told me that she had completed the MIT program. She was working for Chartwells as a retail manager in New York and said how much she enjoyed the program because she was able to learn about the company’s culture before being placed into a management position. After our talk, I decided to research the company. I saw an opening for the MIT Retail Manager position in Miami, Florida, and I decided to apply.

What was the best part of the program for you?

What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to understand Compass before I took on the job. At most companies, they just start you out. Here, we believe in training. We had the opportunity to understand what Compass stands for and what our mission is. We learned how the company works, and what was expected of us. I was looking for a company where I could be dedicated, and passionate about my job. And that’s what they were looking for, too. It was a match.

What qualities make an ideal candidate for the program?
People who are passionate. People who are thinking about their career as part of a team. At Morrison, you don’t make it about yourself. When I come into work, I’m here for my team. You don’t do anything by yourself here. You always have someone who supports you, who guides you. When the time comes, you will help someone. At the end of the day, each of us collaborates for the sake of the business, and the people we’ve committed to helping and healing.


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