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Clinical Nutrition

Driving Results

Strong Clinical Leadership + Nutrition Therapy Yields Impressive Results

Innovative Approach to Clinical Nutrition

Take your nutrition and health operations to the next level with our exclusive nutrition services. The clinical expertise offered through our partnership will provide your patients with individualized evidence-based practice and compassionate care.

Cost Savings

Nutrition services can become a cost saving opportunity for your hospital. As a national leader in healthcare foodservice, Morrison Healthcare employs more than 1,400 Registered Dietitians focused on improving patient care and quality nutrition. Our services can help each hospital achieve lower readmissions, decrease length of stays, reduced hospital acquired conditions and never events, while optimizing cost savings and reimbursement opportunities.

Resources and Education

Registered Dietitians receive cutting edge training to ensure top performance for optimal patient outcomes and regulatory compliance. They also have access to continuing education materials, certification and tuition reimbursement, and pay increases for becoming board certified in nutrition specialties. In addition, we offer the Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship, a program that provides a  hands-on learning experience.


Malnutrition Toolkit

It is estimated that about 50% of hospitalized patients are malnourished upon admission. Morrison Healthcare has a robust set of resources, which includes nutrition focused physical exam training, to support clinical dietitians in the implementation of a program focused on early identification, intervention, and appropriate documentation of malnutrition.

This program has yielded impressive clinical outcomes such as decreased length of stay and readmission rates for this patient population. It has also demonstrated favorable financial outcomes for hospitals.

Malnutrition Impacts Length of Stay

Malnourished patients on average stay in the hospital twice as long as well nourished patients.1

One of our partnering hospitals was able to demonstrate a significant difference of 1.7 days between the expected and actual length of stay for malnourished patients based on malnutrition coding.

One of our health system clients established that their malnourished patients had an average length of stay of 7.8 days, compared to 4.3 days for non-malnourished patients.

Increase Reimbursements with Malnutrition Coding

A hospital system in the Northeast implemented Morrison Healthcare’s Malnutrition Program system-wide halfway through FY18. By FY19, they saw an increase of $12 million in revenue.

In the past year alone, the Malnutrition Program has enabled partnering hospitals to capture $28 MILLION in additional revenue based on accurate coding and subsequent billing.

The Impact of Malnutrition in Your Hospital


It is estimated that almost 50% of hospitalized patients in the US are malnourished at the time of admission.1


There is a 60% cost increase on average due to the complications developed by malnutrition.


Readmissions are 54% higher for malnourished patients.2

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